My Favorite Against the Spread (ATS) NFL Picks in Week 2

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Todd Gurley II should have a huge day against the Arizona Cardinals. | Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

If Week 2 of the 2018 NFL season is anything like Week 1, then we will all be in for an exciting Sunday. And there is no other way to make watching NFL football more exciting than to throw down a little money and make a wager or two.

With the first set of games now just minutes away, here is a look at my favorite against the spread (ATS) picks of the week.

Odds courtesy of BetDSI as of September 16, 2018.

Houston Texans over Tennessee Titans

Point Spread: Texans -3.5

All signs are pointing towards the Titans being without quarterback Marcus Mariota in this AFC South matchup. That leaves Tennessee with journeyman veteran Blaine Gabbert as their likely starting quarterback. With that being the case, I see the Texans winning this game by at least a touchdown.

Philadelphia Eagles over Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Point Spread: Eagles -3

The Buccaneers shocked the NFL last week in their win over the New Orleans Saints, but I’m not buying it. The Eagles’ defense is elite, and their offense should thrive against the Bucs suspect defense. The Birds will win this game by a touchdown or more.

Los Angeles Rams over Arizona Cardinals

Point Spread: Rams -13

13 points is a lot, especially in the NFL, but the Rams are simply that much better than the Cardinals. Bottom line: it’s hard to envision Arizona reaching double digits in points scored, and it’s also hard to see them slowing down Todd Gurley II, Jared Goff, and the rest of the L.A. offense.

San Francisco 49ers over Detroit Lions

Point Spread: 49ers -6

The Lions look like an absolute mess right now, and the 49ers were able to hold their own in Week 1 against the Minnesota Vikings. I like the Niners by 10 at home in this one.

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