Super Bowl 53 Odds: Offensive juggernauts emerging as favorites

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Alvin Kamara continues to make life miserable for opposing defenses. | Al Bello/Getty Images

We’re now in the final month of the 2018 NFL season, and the latest Super Bowl 53 odds paint a very clear picture.

According to the oddsmakers in Las Vegas, there are three, maybe four, legitimate championship contenders at this point in the season. And unsurprisingly, all of them happen to have extremely high-powered offenses.

As we head into Week 13, here’s a look at the teams with the best Super Bowl 53 odds, according to Vegas.

Odds courtesy of as of November 27, 2018. 

Kansas City Chiefs (+500)

If you enjoy watching offense, then you will find the 2018 Chiefs to be a highly entertaining group. Led by second-year phenom Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City can score points in bunches on any defense in the league. If their defense can rise to the challenge, this very much could be a championship-caliber team.

On a separate note, the Chiefs control their own destiny when it comes to locking up home field advantage throughout the AFC Playoffs.

Los Angeles Rams (+400)

Believe it or not, the 2018 Rams offense may be better than “The Greatest Show on Turf,” who, led by Kurt Warner, guided the franchise to a victory in Super Bowl XXXIV. Their defense, particularly in the secondary, remains a work in progress, but should get better with All-Pro cornerback Aqib Talib returning to action. All said, this team is 100-percent capable of winning a world championship.

New Orleans Saints (+200)

Simply put: The Saints are the best team in the National Football League right now. With Drew Brees in the midst of arguably the greatest season of his legendary career, their offense is borderline unstoppable. And after a slow start to the season, the New Orleans defense has turned a corner and is now one of the better units in the league.

Our only question when it comes to the Saints is have they peaked too early?

Other teams to keep an eye on:

  • New England Patriots (+800)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (+1000)
  • Chicago Bears (+1500)
  • Los Angeles Chargers (+2000)
  • Houston Texans (+2500)
  • Minnesota Vikings (+3000)

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